Sharp Design

The styling of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which was inspired by and evolved from the Mitsubishi XR PHEV II Concept car, incorporates its dynamic contours and wedge-shaped beltline, resulting in a sporty, coupé-like shape with a tapered roofline, short overhangs and muscular front and rear fenders. The deeply sculptured upper and lower side character lines are also carried over from the XR PHEV II Concept.

The rear end is distinguished by its full width light bar, which incorporates LED brake lights, while further attention to detail is evident in the twin bubble roof (not available with the panoramic sunroof), which aids headroom and aerodynamics, and the rear wiper being hidden beneath the roof lip spoiler so as not to interfere with rearward visibility.

At the front, the Dynamic Shield visual identity sees the fog lamps and indicators set lower within striking bumper recesses, while the LED headlights and daytime running lights are located in the main headlamp assembly. The detailing, such as the mesh upper grille, subtly contributes to the sporty visual character of the car.

In addition to its more stylish design, the Eclipse Cross also represents a significant enhancement of the perceived quality of Mitsubishi Motors products, with materials, textures, colours and trim more consistent with the concept of fine Japanese craftsmanship and arranged such that they contrast and complement each other perfectly.

This is perhaps most obvious in the special new red paint developed for the Eclipse Cross which – amongst other steps – is applied using a semi-transparent red coating incorporating mica flakes applied over several other layers before being itself covered by a final clear coating. This process involves a succession of two baking stages while specially-developed programs ensure a high quality finish.